Electric Motor Rewinds

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A unique and specialised service on offer by the professional team of tradies at R&J Moss.

If your electric motor has failed, business can come to a standstill with productivity effected and losses to follow. Keeping things moving is essential and getting that motor up and running again quick smart is the way to make that happen. That’s where the team at R&J Moss come in.

We give you options when it comes to electric motors, we can rewind and repair or replace the motor.

Choosing to rewind a motor can be significantly less expense and less time consuming than replacing an entire motor. This is a service which is rare to come by these days. Our team of tradies specialise in electric motor rewinding and we are proud to be able to offer this to our customers. Our electric motor rewind service will get your motor running and get you back to business faster.

Get in touch with Stephen Moss and his team today to discuss your motor rewinding needs.

“Electric motor rewinding is a dying art and one that we at R&J Moss are proud to offer”- Stephen Moss

For the most trusted service around, turn to R&J Moss Auto Electrics.

Specialising in commercial and industrial auto-electrical repairs, replacements, installation, parts and accessories. Backed by decades of professional know-how.

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