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Below are the top 10 questions Stephen and his team of tradies get asked the most.

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Frequently asked questions

No. This indicates your alternator is faulty and not charging your battery. Contact R&J Moss today and have one of our qualified tradies take a look.

Because LED’s use less power than conventional globes. Your vehicle’s electrical system thinks you have a blown indicator globe. LED load resistors are the resolution this problem. We can fit one of these for you.

Yes. The battery light excites your alternator when you start your car. When the alternator is excited the battery light will go out.

Deep cycle batteries are designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. They can be repeatedly discharged and recharged without severely reducing the batteries life.

This type of battery is well suited to power electrical devices such as low voltage refrigerators.

A smart alternator or variable output alternator allows the vehicle to control the output from the alternator depending on vehicle operating conditions.

This is to reduce the electrical load and in turn mechanical load resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

Yes. But to do it properly, a DC/DC charger is required. We stock a wide range of DC/DC charges at our Eaglehawk showroom and can even have them installed for you.

A good quality car battery will last on average 4-5 years. Come in and check out our range of quality batteries.

No. The motor has been designed for three separate windings in the stator to generate the field required for the rotor to turn.

Yes. This is usually caused by a leaking mechanical seal which can be readily replaced. Come and chat to the team at R&J Moss and we can arrange this for you.

Yes. As with most noisy electric motors replacing the bearings will fix the problem. Our tradies can replace these for you in our workshop.

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